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St Francis de Sales (1567-1622)
Father Louis Brisson (1817—1908) soon beatified
Sister Leonie Frances de Sales Aviat (1844 –1914)
Birth of the Congregation in France
Spreading from France to South Africa
What does our History mean to us Today?
Father Louis Brisson (1817—1908) soon beatified


Now, less than ten years after Pope John Paul II canonized Leonie Aviat as a saint of the universal Church, Pope Benedikt XVI has opened the way for her spiritual father to be beatified. On December 19, 2011, he decreed that a 1953 miracle in Ecuador could be attributed to Fr. Brisson's intercession. His decree takes into account the careful studies of theologians, doctors and Church officials who have scrutinized every facet of Fr. Brisson's life. Experts also reviewed the evidence surrounding the Ecuadorian miracle with great care: a young boy’s foot was crushed by a tractor, then completely healed without any medical intervention, but only through the prayers of his family, friends and the local Oblate Sisters, who gave a relic of Fr. Brisson to the family. Carlos healed so well that he was able to join the military as a young adult.

Our beloved father and founder, Louis Brisson, is soon to be named Blessed. The Beatification will take place on September 22, 2012 in Troyes, France, Fr. Brissons’s home diocese.

About 200 years after his death, St Francis de Sales found a new disciple in Father Louis Brisson.  Salesian spirituality was made known to Father Louis Brisson by the Sisters of the Visitation of St. Mary in Troyes. He was appointed their chaplain after his priestly ordination.

Louis was born in Plancy in a deep Christian family. From a young age he intended to become a priest. God also foresaw him with gifts to be a scientist, an educator, an innovator and a fearless guide to the youth. Father Brisson combined the knowledge of organizing practical things with a very intense inner life. He was essentially a soul of prayer, he lived continually in God‘s presence. He possessed in a rare degree the discernment of spirits; he had the gift of reading souls and provided them the ardent faith.

text-BrissonGod has chosen  Father Brisson to establish the double family of the Oblate Sisters and of the Oblate Fathers of Saint Francis de Sales, Pontifical Institutes of Consecrated life. They were called to spread the spirit of St. Francis de Sales worldwide by education and youth protection.

Difficulties and tribulations marked the life of Father Brisson from the moment he began the foundation of the two Congregations. These struggles even became stronger in the latest years of his life. Religious persecution raging in France against religious institutions destroyed part of its prosperous works. His spiritual children were expelled. Himself, prevented by his great age to follow  them in exile, was forced in 1903 to seek refuge in Plancy.  He died in the humble house that had sheltered his childhood.

Father Louis Brisson was declared “Venerable” by Pope Benedict XVI in 2009.  This means that the Church recognized in Father Brisson someone who practised “heroic virtue” during his lifetime.

In order to beatify Father Brisson and to give him the title “Blessed,” a miracle from God through the prayerful intercession of Venerable Louis Brisson must be implored.

Prayer for the Beatification of
Father Louis Brisson

Lord Jesus, who told us “ask and you shall receive”,
we address our prayer to You through the intercession of Your Priest Louis Brisson.
Attentive to the signs of the times and in obedience to Your Will,
he founded the double family of the Oblate Sisters and of the Oblates of Saint Francis de Sales.
Confident in Your Providence and joyful in hope, he knew as a good father,
how to make himself all things to all people.
Grant us, through his intercession, the favours we ask of you, especially …  
may the Holy Church rejoice in glorifying this priest after your own heart
who gave himself totally to Your Love.