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How do I know I am Called?
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How do I know I am Called?
Does God call me to religious life?

text-how-do-I-know-1“Before I formed you in the womb I chose you” (Jr 1:5)…. to single, married or consecrated life? When this question is weighing on your mind, take a serious time of reflection.

I start to question myself:
  • Do I think a fulfilled womanhood is only possible being sexual active responsibly or can I imagine happiness living chastity positively, opening my heart to a deeper dimension of love?
  • Is motherhood inseparable from a fulfilled womanhood or can I joyfully imagine to bear fruit in the Spirit?
  • Am I looking for delight through possessions like having my own money, my own car, my own house, my friends, my talents, my time … or am I able to experience gladness in sharing in community where God gathers very different people?
  • Am I proudly thinking I can manage to go alone through life by my own capacities or  will I gladly accept to be enriched by the gifts of the other members of the community and share in the same life ?
  • Am I looking for fulfilment in today’s consumeralisme, having everything immediately, or do I believe joyfully that God provides the necessary at the suitable moment?
  • Am I looking for self fulfilment in ruling my life independently or will I be able to risk it under God’s control, understanding a Superior’s request as an expression of God’s love for me?
  • Am I looking for happiness in my own well-being and comfort or do I wish to experience joy as a consequence of self offering in the service of God and the others?
  • Do I think to quench my thirst for communion through mix-it, facebook, skype… or am I willing to build-up an intense communion and personal relationship with God and fellowmen through silence, prayer, Sacraments and sharing?
text-how-do-I-know2You may not have clear answers now or perhaps your honest responses puzzle and scare you.  You are happy with your life at present, but secretly you are longing for something more meaningful, independently from your parents’ or even friends’ dreams and desires for you. Keep on asking God for light on His will for you, persevering in prayer, pondering on Scripture and take part in the Sacraments. Vocation camps, days of recollection and spiritual accompaniment could also make possible your discernment.  Feel free and be courageous to talk to someone to help you. A period of “come and see” in a religious community can also improve your reflection about a possible call to consecrated life. text-how-do-I-know-3If God calls you to serve Him in religious life, He will give you the strength to do His Will. Therefore be not afraid! “God loves you too much to leave you on the way. Therefore He makes you signs. You will get up and follow Him” (Father L. Brisson). God is an excellent pedagogue and He will lead you step by step.